Every Song Tells A Story

1300163367_144313710_6-Legal-Video-Services-Denver-United-StatesA well made music video might be just what you need to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed.  Music videos are used for various promotional reasons whether it’s to advertise a single, help tell the story of your tracks, or show off your live performance. We provide several types of music videos from fully scripted narrative based video to live gigs recordings.

Every song tells a  story!
Often musicians  have a clear idea what they want to achieve from their music videos, Rassada Music can advise on the best way of achieving and producing your vision on-screen. We can plan, create, produce, direct, edit and distribute your next music video.

Visualizing the concept for your video happens in the storyboard process.   Getting your message across visually and determining how you want to be perceived is drafted frame by frame as a storyboard (like a movie). This would include a video shot list (whether shot on location, in studio or utilizing existing stock footage), on screen titles (text or credits) and primary audio (voiceover script, interview Q&A, etc). Additional elements such as animations, look and feel, music and sound effects would be addressed in the editing and/or post production phase.  Our team can work with you from project conception through to the final editing and authoring stages to provide a quality video, on time and on budget!  Rassada Music team can have as much creative input into the project as you wish.
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