Record your music with professional results

imagesIf you are looking for professional studio recording services, you are in the right place!
Instruments and Sounds
Record your music with professional results!
We can take care of your entire project from start to finish, from the first recording session to the finished CD master that is ready for duplication. We can do all of the processing necessary to make you sound good: equalization, reverb, compression, pitch and time correction, mixing and mastering.
In short, we can make sure that your final product is of professional quality, even if your starting material is less than professional.
Musicians and Singers
We provide vocal services if you need someone to sing your song. Again we guide you through the process of selecting the right voice for a particular style that the song calls for. We also provide vocal arrangements for background parts and harmonies for the lead and back-up singers. Having access to a full range of singers allows us to bring your song to life in a very professional manner utilizing the right gender and sound for each individual song. During studio recording we utilize services of great session players capable of all styles and sounds. Our stable of vocalists include female, male, children, background, rap, alternative, specialty, auto-tuned, electronic robot, spoken word, and straight ahead pop.
Rassada Music will record your song in any style or genre that you select. We walk you through the process of selecting all the elements and variations that can be chosen and used in your song. The mystery of recording a finished song is explained in detail so that you completely understand what you’re getting and how it will sound when it’s finished.

Mixing and Mastering
Mixing and Mastering is by far the most important stage of the audio production process where important enhancements and final decisions are made, so attention to detail is absolutely vital. Your recordings will be carefully mastered in our studio. Our mastering experience includes a wide span of genres; everything from Jazz, Dance , Electro , Pop, Soul/R&B, Hip-Hop to Rock. Online Mastering, costing significantly less than conventional attended mastering sessions, is quickly becoming the preferred choice for independent artists without the luxury of a “major label” budget. With unattended sessions, maintaining a solid line of communication throughout the mastering process is of utmost importance. We take your music very seriously and will not stop short of ensuring that your musical vision comes to life and your songs reach their full potential.
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