Sianna was born on September 1st, under the zodiac sign of Virgo. She is a very bright, creative and talented person, who is extremely passionate about her music.
Born to a Ukrainian father and a mother with Romanian roots, Sianna moved to Romania at the age of 19 and was granted Romanian citizenship few years later.

Sianna began her musical career at the end of 2007, as a member of Euro-pop duo “MR & MS” with a popular musician and producer Radu Sirbu well known as a member of the popular boys band “O-zone”. The first single of the project, written by Sianna & Radu Sirbu “Love Is Not a Reason to Cry”, signed with Universal Music, was released in March 2008. At the end of 2008 “ Love is not a reason to cry” was nominated on RMA (Romanian Music Awards) in the category “Best New Act” and few month later, the band has released the first album of the project, titled “Heartbeat”. “Heartbeat” is a compilation of pop rock R&B and electro influences. All the tracks on the album were composed by Sianna & Radu Sirbu, who is also the music producer of the album.

Besides her career as an artist, Sianna has continued to focus on songwriting and collaborations with others artists. As a result, Sianna was involved in writing songs like “Single Lady”, “Don’t Cry”, “City Of Sleeping Hearts”, “Lambada Night”, “Goodbye (Beautiful Eyes)”, “Don’t You Stop The Music”, “Radio Waves”, “Drive”, “Big Girl”, “I Don’t Wanna Lose You”, “Mister DJ”, “Confession”, “I’m Your Angel”, “Gimme Your Love”, “Дыши”, “I Said It’s Sad”, “Esti PreaPerfecta”, “Cersesc Iubire” and many other compositions. Most of them became big hits across Europe and CIS.

One of the most successful song “Single Lady”, written next to Radu Sirbu for Dj Layla’s project, was launched in December 2008 and quickly climbed to No.1 position on biggest radio stations in Romania and Moldova. The song became a big success in many European countries. “Single Lady” song gave a major lift to Dj Layla’s international career. The single stayed in the Russian 100 Top Hit over 40 weeks and totalized over 570 000 plays on 120 radio stations from 556 Russian cities and became No. 1 on the biggest Russian radio – Europe Plus Moscow in only few weeks. The same happened on another big radio stations across Europe and CIS. In early 2010 “Single Lady” have won the category “Most Broadcasted Song – 2009” on Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA Awards).

By the spring of 2010, Sianna had begun to work, on her first solo album, next to her music producer Radu Sirbu. Sianna recorded a few songs but none of them was chosen as a single. A Few Months Later Sianna returned to the recording studio, to work on new material. … The experiment resulted in an song called “Sweetest Pie”, which became Sianna’s first official single, followed by other great releases like “Baby Night”, “Emotion” or “I’M Your angel”, in featuring with Dj Layla.

Sianna currently lives in Bucharest/Romania, she speaks three languages (Romanian, Russian and English) and beside singing and songwriting her passion is fashion.