Well-known singer, song writer, DJ and music producer Radu Sîrbu was born on December 14, 1978 in a small city called Orhey, where he spent most of his childhood.
He started his musical career in 1994, at age 16, by getting involved in the family business where he worked for a few years as a DJ and also organized musical shows through his own studio, “Artshow,” which he created for children and teens.
In 1996, after graduating, he began his studies at the Music Conservatory G. Muzicescu in Chisinau. That same year he officially started his career as a performer by forming his own rock band.
In 2001, Radu became one of the members of the band “O-Zone”. As a group, O-Zone became extremely popular in their home country of Moldova, and were able to branch out to their neighboring country, Romania.
In 2002 Radu moved to Romania and received Romanian citizenship few years later.
O-Zone’s dance-pop music consisted of of catchy beats and lyrics that were able to surpass any language barrier. As Radu himself said, their songs have a “positive emotion” – it really doesn’t matter if you can’t speak or understand Romanian, you just “feel the love” in the music. O-Zone later became well known in France, Italy, Germany, Romania,Mexico and the United Kingdom. Their most popular hits included “Despre tine” and “Dragostea din tei”.
“Dragostea din tei” topped the singles charts of nearly a dozen European countries in 2004. It reached the top 10 in many other countries, including in the United Kingdom, where it reached the third position on the singles chart. The re-release of “Despre Tine” in 2004 from the same album had similar success across Europe.
In contrast to their multi-platinum status in Europe, O-Zone never entered the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States, although it did reach the 14th position on the Hot Dance Airplay charts. The viral video Numa Numa Dance helped to slightly boost awareness of “Dragostea din tei” in the United States, but while the song received moderate to major airplay, most Americans knew it simply as the “Numa Numa Song” and never knew the name of the original song of the group that performed it. “Dragostea din tei” was sampled in the song “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 in late 2008.
O-zone has sold over 12 millions albums all over the world, with a particular unexpected success in Japan.
In January 2005, Radu, Arsenie and Dan announced that O-Zone disbanded, deciding instead to focus on their respective solo careers.
In 2006 Radu made a video on his song called “Whap-pa” and released his album Alone. Later he released a new single from his album “Doi străini” (“Two strangers”), and made a video for it as well.
In 2007 Radu opened his own recording studio. Shortly after opening the new studio, Radu decided to create his next album and spend the rest of the year in the recording studio, writing tunes for his next album. At the end of 2007 he composed the song “Love is not a reason to cry” and decided that this track would be the next single for his career as a performer.
The new project, MR&MS, released the single “Love Is Not a Reason to Cry” in late March 2008. MR&MS since then has also released an album, titled “Heartbeat”. At the end of 2008 “ Love is not a reason to cry” was nominated in the Romanian Music Awards (RMA) for the category “Best new act”.
At the end of 2008, Radu founded the arts center “Fame Music & Dance” which is in charge of discovering new talent both in the field as well as dance music. In October, 2008, Radu held a casting at his artistic center “Fame Music & Dance”, and created a unique project for the Romanian music market called “DJ Layla”.
The first single of the project “Single Lady,” was composed and orchestrated by Radu Sirbu in November 2008. The song was launched in December 2008 and quickly climbed the charts of the biggest radios in Romania and Moldova, becoming no. 1 very quickly and kept this position for a few weeks. In the following months, the song “Single lady” was launched on the biggest radio stations across Europe, becoming no. 4 on the World Music Chart / Euro top. In 2009, “Single Lady” was nominated in the RMA for the category “Best new entry”, and in the Romanian Top Hits (RTH) for the category ”Best Featuring.” “Single Lady” became a big success in countries like Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Russia. In Russia, on most important top chats, “Single Lady” became no. 1 in a very short period of time and kept this position for 12 weeks.
In March 2011, Radu Sirbu founded his own record label and publishing company, Rassada Music, which is dedicated to unsigned and independent artists.
Radu has composed and produced music for many major artists like Dj Layla, Natalia Barbu, Dee-Dee, One-Effect, Leonid Rudenko, Victoria, Sianna, Fabrika, MR&MS, Victoria Dayneko, Sahzoda and many others. He currently lives and works in Bucharest,Romania, speaks three languages (Romanian, Russian and English) and beside his music career he has a passion for photography.