Natalia Barbu was born on August 22, 1979, in Balti, Republic of Moldova, which was then part of the USSR. She is a singer. Throughout her career, Natalia has worked with a group of musicians called Trigon on an alternative jazz-folk experiment. She writes her own lyrics, composes the music for most of her songs, and collaborates on the arrangements with her crew.

In 2006, Natalia Barbu signed a three year contract with Sony Music office in Bucharest. Her main success has been the release of her single “Îngerul meu” (My Angel) in Romania. The song remained in the Romanian Top 100 for 11 weeks at #1, and was much featured on MTV Romania.

In 2007, she was selected to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song Fight. She beat out Moldova’s 2005 contestant Zdob Si Zdub’s performance in Eurovision, and advanced to contest finals. Her song was voted 10th out of 24 finalists.

In 2012 Natalia Barbu starts her collaboration with musical producer Radu Sirbu and songwriter Sianna and at the end of summer Natalia premiered her new track, “I Said It’s Sad”.
Natalia, believes the song works perfectly for her. “It’s a major change of style for me, but suits me perfectly. I hope that my fans like the song when they hear it, and that it gives people confidence.”, she said.
“I Said It’s Sad” quickly climbed the charts , reaching #1 position in Top 10 Airplay Moldova. This is the first of many collaborations between Radu Sirbu and Natalia under Rassada Music Label.
Later that same year, she released “Iubire Cu Aroma De Cafea” and “Confession”, the song that will participate at the national selection for Eurovision 2013 (Romania).