Dj Layla project is a collaboration between music producer Radu Sirbu and the hottest Romanian Female Dj.

Dj Layla became famous after the release of her first single named “Single Lady”.

The song was composed and produced by Radu Sirbu in November 2008 and quickly climbed the charts of the biggest radios in Romania and Moldova, becoming no. 1 and kept this position for a few weeks.

In the following months, the “Single lady” song was launched on the biggest radio stations across Europe, becoming no. 4 on the World Music Chart / Euro top.

In 2009, “Single Lady” was nominated in the RMA for the category “Best new entry”, and in the Romanian Top Hits (RTH) for the category ”Best Featuring.”

The song became a huge success in countries like Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany and Italy. In the most important top chats in Russia, “Single Lady” became no. 1 in a very short period of time and kept this position for 12 weeks.

In early 2010 “Single Lady” have won the category “Most Broadcasted Song 2009” at Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA Awards).
The next single of the project “City Of Sleeping Hearts” comes with a new collaboration with Dee-Dee, young, talented lady, spotted by the musician and music producer Radu Sirbu, while she was participating at “MEGASTAR”, a very successful TV show with talented boys and girls eager to become great singers.

In summer 2010 DJ Layla launches her new single “Drive” at one of the biggest music event in Russia – Europe Plus Live, next to Dee-Dee and Radu Sirbu. Later that same year, Dj Layla announced the release of her debut album called “Single Lady” produced by Rassada Music.

June 2011 comes with a new single “Party Boy” followed by a super energetic music video.
One year later, she released her next single “I’m Your Angel” in featuring with Sianna. A few weeks later, the song reached #1 position in Top Airplay Moldova. The music video for “I’m Your Angel” was declared, by her fans, as one of the most beautiful Dj Layla’s music videos.
On December 20, 2013, Dj Layla released her new powerful and emotional single “Seraching 4 Love” in collaboration with a young and talented singer Lorina, followed by a new track “Without Your Love” in 2014, featuring Sianna.

“Kill Me or Kiss Me” is a brand new single Dj Layla. It’s a hot, fresh and sexy track written and produced by Radu Sirbu and Sianna and released by Rassada Music.