Born in Bucharest/Romania on July 1, 2005, Anastasia Dalia recorded her debut song “Departe” at the age of 7. Raised in a musical family, this young and talented girl got her talent to compose from her mother, singer and songwriter Sianna and passion for music from her father Radu Sirbu, well-known singer and music producer, called “Picasso” at time when he took part in famous boy band O-Zone.

Although she recorded her first track at only a few months old, the song “Zambesti cu mine” in featuring with her father, Anastasia Dalia believes that the song “Departe” is the first song from her solo career and it’s a song that fits both, children and adults. Asked what she thinks of her first single, Anastasi Dalia said:

“I really like “Departe” because it’s about space and it’s about me, and how far I want to go. It fits everyone and makes me smile everytime I listen to it. It’s very funny!”

She has an enormous passion for dance, music and especially live theater!